Join as a volunteer to help dogs and cats in bucaramanga

The volunteers of the Fundación Dar con Amor are people who decide to dedicate part of their time to the solidarity action of helping the animals that live in the shelters in the city and in the Metropolitan area of Bucaramanga. They don't receive any type of economic compensation, but they do receive a compensation in satisfaction, learning, experience and human relations, among others.


The purpose of the volunteer is to ensure the fulfillment and achievement of the aims of the DCA Foundation, as well as the successful development of activities, events and campaigns.

All activities are developed by and with the support of volunteers. Below is a brief description of all the activities that are developed and in which you can actively participate according to your preferences and/or experience. The DCA Foundation will provide you with all the specific information to each task and continuous support with any doubts that may arise.


The dogs must be clean to avoid diseases and be presentable for adoption. For this, we have bathing days at the shelters, during which we give the dogs a good bath.


As it is hard work to look after a shelter by yourself, we help the shelters owners with their cleaning duties. Thanks to that, they save a lot of time that they can use for other duties they have.


The dogs are locked up in the shelters for a long time. We go out with them for walks, so they can run freely, smell and play in the parks near the shelters.


After a previous fundraising campaign, some adjustments are made in the shelters to improve the quality of life of the animals.


It is important to educate the public about the value, respect and needs of the animals. Our methods are very entertaining so that we can interact with the public (posters, puppets, costumes).


You've probably been to one already! We hold events to raise funds, find new volunteers, and raise awareness about the work and goals of the foundation.


We get together with the shelters and support them with logistics and publicity. The purpose is to help the animals find a forever home, that will give them the attention and love they deserve.


We sell many products to raise funds to support the shelters. You will find us at flea markets, events and soon we will have an online store.


We are very creative! Our volunteers create products like decorations for our events, toys for the animals and tools for the shelters.


You will learn many things;  you will interact with students and professionals who seek to help dogs and cats, you will develop new skills, you will also grow through the different ranks of the foundation and join the operational departments. We came into the world to serve and this is a great way to do it.